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My theories about shingeki no kyojin season 3
Selasa, 11 Desember 2018 | 12/11/2018 | 2 Comment(s)

Hasil gambar untuk attack on titan season 3 opening

Warning: Spoiler alert!
Hi~ I still got nothing to do even tomorrow I have an English test:v Do you know the third season of Attack on Titan has stopped for a while? Nah, we won't talk about dat. I got something weirds in this season, like where are all the mindless titans? How about Grisha Jaeger's back story? Who is Levi's parents? If you have read the manga, maybe you know the reason why. Let's discuss!

I think, this season is telling us about the back story of the mistery at the previous season. From the opening, we cannot see any titans. I think this season may not tell us about titan vs titan's fight, but it's fellow human's fight. And also tell us about political things.

As we know that Scouting Legion's motto is "For the Glory of Humanity", because it's their intention lol:v With their logo that means "wings of freedom". They wants all the human feel free and get to know there is a sea outside of the walls. It's like Armin's dream.

Hasil gambar untuk attack on titan season 3 opening

As we know, the outside of the walls, there are Marleyans and Eldians are living at the main continent. Eldians that living inside the wall was brainwashed by the fake King. The ministry was exchanged the history of humans. So, Eldians who living inside the wall don't know about outside  of the walls. They will always dedicate their works for the King, so the King will be rich, and the town will always glorious and prosperous. Only Asians and Ackermans not weigh on his brainwash. So that some of Ackermans lives on the mountain where far from the town, it like Mikasa's family did.

In the early of episodes, it shown the coup of the fake king by Erwin Smith and Dot Pixis. Erwin did dat because the ministry always cover up the real story from society. And who is show up the real story will die asap, and it happened to Erwin's father.

Meanwhile, Eldians at the main continent was brainwashed too by Marley. They told them that Eldians inside the walls are so mean, and we must fight them. They don't know if they are fellow Eldians.

Levi is Rod's son? 
Kenny is Levi's uncle. Levi's mother (Kuchel Ackerman) is prostitute. One day, she got pregnant by one of her customer. She loves her baby and decided to giving birth the baby. This is how Levi was born. Then, Kuchel was sick and after long time she passed away and leave Levi alone.

Kenny comes started teach Levi how to fight as ackerman with blade and knife until Levi become a criminal.

And the other side, backstory of Rod Reiss shown that he usually play with womans. And I found an image he go to Kuchel's room.(later, I lost my pic) As we know that Rod is not too tall as Levi. And when Eren scream "midget" to Rod's huge abnormal titan, Levi was offended wkwk

The last on is crazy but, who knows? How about you? Comment!

Thank you for reading

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Blogger Hen mengatakan...

Wowowoww.. Masnya suka anime ini lebih karena apa Mass? Sptnya bagus..

Blogger Masliha mengatakan...

soalnya ceritanya out of the box mba wkwk


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